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Our Services

At Santa Lucia, we care about our clients and are here to make life easier for you and your loved ones. Our wide range of home care services were designed to meet all of your waiver needs. 

In Home Living Supports

This is a program for adults 18 years or older in which the individual receives customized services in their home or a host family home. The services can be provided by a family member or a surrogate family member. It is designed to help the participant receive supports in all aspects of daily living in a community based setting. The program is customizable to the individual's needs and no one program is alike. 

Homemaker Direct Supports

These are hourly services that are designed to provide specialized supports to an individual receiving services in their home. The supports consist of assistance with health care, meal preparation, cleaning, shopping, bathing, and activities of daily living.

Electronic Signing for EORs

See below for more information.

Community Direct Supports

This is an individualized program in which the individual is paired with a community companion, provider, and coach that helps the participant get out in the community to focus on promoting independence, developing meaningful relationships, and realizing a more fulfilling life.

Respite Services

These services can look a variety of ways. They are designed to offer relief to a primary caregiver. A plan and schedule will be created with an hourly paid direct support staff member to be available and assist the individual with their care needs.

Responsive Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is here for you!  This means when you call you will get a live person and not an answering service. It means if we don't pick up we will call you back as soon as possible. Real people providing genuine care and answers to your questions.

Employer of Record (EOR) Signing Process

Signing VPRs formerly called PRFs prior to services being rendered is against the law and is considered Medicaid Fraud. We want to protect your EORs, not put them in positions where they are committing Medicaid Fraud. EORs are currently unpaid positions, so it is only right that we make the process as easy as possible for your EORs.  Our unique system sends an invoice and VPR by email once a month for electronic signature AFTER all services have been delivered. This ensures the EOR is NEVER pre-signing forms. The whole signing process takes less than one minute. No scanning, emailing, faxing, buying stamps and snail mailing, or driving to the office to sign documents. This decreases the EOR's workload and keeps them fully compliant with the law. Once the process is done the VPR and Invoice are automatically emailed right to the Conduent/Palco for immediate payment, the EOR also immediately receives a signed copy of the VPR and Invoice for their records. Watch this quick video to see the signing process.

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